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Gluten is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

More than 300 symptoms could be caused by the consumption of gluten, yet a very small percentage of the population knows it could be fueling the cause.

If you want to read the general information I wrote before the Gluten Summit, skip down to Not Gluten Sensitive?  I share my personal wheat experience, and discuss why you might want to learn more about gluten and health.

The Gluten Summit 

This free online event occurred November 11-17, and it was phenomenal.  Interviews with 29 experts revealed a wide range of astounding facts about gluten sensitivity.  In recent years, I have learned a ton of useful and impactful things in free online summits, and this one was better than average.  Host Tom O'Bryan over-delivered on his promise to transform the listener's understanding of the health impacts of gluten and wheat.

Permanent Access to the Information

Before the event started, I knew wanted to have this information forever.  You can still purchase access to recordings, slideshows, and transcripts through this link.  An overwhelming amount of information was delivered in a short period of time, even for me.  I will listen to the interviews many times. (If you purchase through this link, Sandra receives a small affiliate credit.)

Technical Information Made Understandable

Many of the doctors, researchers, and other experts provided technical information about gluten sensitivity and health.  For months, I've been immersed in books and interviews discussing this topic, so I really enjoyed hearing the science and the health specifics.  My grasp of the whole gluten picture is expanded.

And I understand why many people were overwhelmed by the terminology and the science.
Dr. O'Bryan did a fantastic job of summarizing in plain English the meaning conveyed by the experts.
When each expert shared particularly important concepts, Dr. O'Bryan immediately translated them into easily understood language.  So everyone could understand these vital points.

What do I do now???

Many Summit presenters focused on practical considerations, important issues, and useful techniques. This is valuable information for people who want or need to switch to gluten-free eating.  I will employ many of these techniques myself.

Not Gluten Sensitive?

Even if you do not believe that consuming gluten and wheat negatively impacts your health, you may find this information enlightening.

Current research shows that gluten sensitivity goes far beyond digestion.  Gluten can impact your brain, as well as all of the other functional systems of your body.

Gluten sensitivity frequently manifests as silent symptoms.  You may be completely unaware that you are reacting to gluten.

My Experience

Personally, I do not have problems with wheat or gluten.  I do not have digestive problems or other health issues triggered by wheat. . . . At least I think I don't.

Gluten sensitivity can be silent.  Silent reactions are still reactions, still causing life- and health-impacting harm.

Since reading a book about wheat about a year ago, I have mostly avoided wheat- and gluten-containing foods.  Yet, I was choosing to be okay with occasional wheat consumption.

Having taken in the Gluten Summit, I am now being more careful in avoiding gluten.  Most significantly, my efforts to avoid gluten will be more strict when I'm away from home.


Avoiding gluten is important as a protective measure for Brain and overall health.

Many people think that gluten sensitivity only impacts digestion.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Gluten reactions can impact your brain, muscles, immune system, skin, thyroid, depression, sleep . . .  Gluten reactivity contributes to many autoimmune conditions.

Did you know that gluten free foods are not necessarily truly gluten free?  I mis-remember the specifics, but you will get the gist.  American standards for gluten free food labeling allow for the presence of 19 parts per billion of gluten!  For people who are extremely sensitive, that's more than enough to trigger serious reactions.

There are substances in wheat that are not digestible by any human being!

Wheat causes permeability of the intestines in every person.  Over time, this can become what is commonly called leaky gut, where undigested food particles are readily able to enter your bloodstream.

Gluten causes reactions that may seriously damage a wide variety of your body's tissues and organs. This may occur years before you consciously experience any symptoms.

For someone who is gluten sensitive, consuming one particle of gluten can cause an immune reaction that attacks the body's tissues.  This reactivity lasts for three or more months!!  You can't just 'remove' the visible wheat from a dish of food and have it be acceptable.

The most commonly administered gluten reactivity test is for celiac disease, one symptom of which is serious damage to the lining of your intestines.  This test fails to identify 50% or more of people who are gluten sensitive.  Therefore, a 'negative' result on this lab test may indicate that gluten is safe for you to consume, when in actuality, gluten consumption could be threatening your life.  It is important to do a test (from Cyrex Labs) that identifies reactivity to a much larger spectrum of substances in wheat.

Presentation at Whole Foods Market, Penticton, B.C.

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, I am giving a presentation about wheat and some of the health issues associated with consuming it. Join us at Whole Foods Market in Penticton, British Columbia. 7:00 p.m. Registration at the store's website is highly recommended, as the event is likely to be filled to capacity. Go to the events section of the website.

You Can Access The Gluten Summit Interviews

This information could change your life forever.  Even before the summit began, it had already changed how I eat.

This package provides access to recordings, slideshows, and transcripts of the interviews. (If you purchase through this link, Sandra receives a small affiliate credit.)

Here's to Healthy Eating!



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