Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Soy, or NOT to Soy

NOT to Soy!

Soybeans and the foods that are made from them have been promoted as miracle foods. For about a decade, I was vegetarian and ate quite a bit of tofu.

Several years ago, I first started hearing from friends that soy is not good for you. The book
The Whole Soy Story was recommended. But I never put the effort into reading the book or into finding out more through other avenues.

When I finally read the book, I immediately began avoiding soy. I now agree with the people who have been telling me that soy really should not be used as a primary source of food.

Soy is BAD for you. The recommendations encouraging us to eat it for our health are aimed at getting us to buy it so food companies can profit. In fact, soy in some form has been hidden in most packaged foods. So it can be very difficult to completely avoid soy.

What Does It Do?

Here is a partial list of the ways in which soy impacts our bodies. For more information about this, I strongly encourage you to read the book The Whole Soy Story, by Kaayla Daniel.

Goitrogens in soy suppress thyroid function. This is a primary reason to stop eating soy. Many people have depressed thyroid function.

Phytoestrogens disturb estrogen balance. This negatively impacts women, men, and children who consume soy. This is another primary reason to stop eating soy. We are told to take soy phytoestrogens, but they are actually bad for us.

Numerous substances in soy irritate digestion. Many people have terrible gas.

Toxic MSG is produced during soy processing. If a packaged food product contains soy protein or hydrolyzed protein, it contains MSG, even though it won't be labeled that way.

Soy proteins are poorly digested.

Soy oil virtually always contains harmful trans fats, and does not contain the essential fatty acids that are important for our health. We are told that soy oil helps prevent cardiovascular disease. In fact, it is more likely to contribute to cardiovascular problems than to prevent them.

Some people's reactions to soy are so extreme that their allergic reactions can be potentially life threatening. Soy is now considered to be one of the top 8 allergy causing foods. (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, fin fish, wheat, soy)

And there is more. Read the book!

It is possible to remove most of the damaging substances as soy is being processed. But the food companies are not willing to do what it takes to accomplish this.

Soy Infant Formula

Soy formula should not be given to babies! In particular, the phytoestrogens have been found to disrupt the natural processes of sexual maturation.

Educate Yourself

Read the book The Whole Soy Story, by Kaayla Daniel. No matter how much I tell you, reading the whole story will really communicate the magnitude of the issue.

Educate yourself and take action accordingly.

Eat Well for Health.


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

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