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Really, You Are What You Eat

Thank You. I acknowledge you for choosing to read Food, Glorious Food. Thank you for being there, and for taking care of yourself.

I am quite health conscious, and my diet has been significantly better than 'average' for many years. Despite this, I have recently discovered that there are major ways in which my beliefs about food and nutrition have been sadly misguided.

There is Hope - It's Always a Good Time to Become Healthier

Fortunately, we as individuals can educate ourselves and make conscious food choices. In the past 6 months, I have made significant dietary changes, going to extra efforts to get particular foods.

Even making one small modification to your eating habits can make a difference for you and your family.

This is why I'm starting Food, Glorious Food.

This first blog briefly outlines several areas where food deception has occurred. Subsequent blogs will go into more detail about particular nutrients, foods, or issues.


Some people may find what I write to be confusing, disagreeable, or just plain wrong. Food, Glorious Food may not be right for everyone.

Everything I write here is absolutely and completely my opinion. It is all based on my investigation into the literature that is available, but my opinion nonetheless. And I can be quite strongly opinionated when it comes to food.

Nothing I write here is intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat in any way.

Everything I write here IS designed to support you in BECOMING HEALTHIER, should you choose to EDUCATE yourself and take action.

Frequently, my husband thanks me for making him healthier. We both know that between the foods we eat and the supplements we take, we are gradually becoming healthier and, effectively, younger.

This is possible for you too.

Gather Information

If you find topics that catch your interest, I encourage you to become educated about them. With knowledge, you will be most able to make choices that work for you.

I will recommend resources that I have found enlightening.

Food and Health are Big Business

Deep down inside, I want to trust that the government, the conventional 'Western' medical system, corporations that produce food, and the media do everything possible to support people's health and well being. But I am disturbed, because it appears to me that a priority on the part of the government is allowing corporations to do what they want, at the expense of the health of the People.

It's all about money.

I have come to believe that essentially everything that these entities teach us about health and food is designed to keep people 1) eating low quality foods, 2) being unhealthy and seeking medical treatment, and 3) being afraid of their food.

Looking at the state of health of the people around me, I'd say that their plan is working!

Please understand that if you need medical attention, it is VERY important that you get it!

Really, You Are What You Eat

The body can only use what it is given. I know that I have frequently been guilty of eating low quality food and hoping that it would all just be okay in the end. I think that many people do the same, day in and day out for years. Then they wonder why
their body stops working properly, they get sick, or they are in pain. Really, what's the big mystery? When you eat what I call Non-Foods, what kind of building blocks are you giving your body to work with?

Food Myths and Non-Foods

We are so misinformed!
The belief systems that have been created within us about these issues are incredibly strong. Even for me, a relatively well informed and health conscious person, learning a 'new' way to look at some of these issues took some doing. I still catch myself in old patterns.

Even supposedly forward thinking people teaching about food and nutrition continue to believe and repeat some of this mis-information.

At some point, I will discuss each of these issues in Food, Glorious Food. As I make up the list, I realize that there's a lot to do.

Following is a list of what I consider to be Non-Foods which we are told are healthy for us.

Soy products
'Vegetable' oils
Pasteurized and homogenized milk
Factory-raised meats and animal products, including poultry and seafoods

Here are foods which we are told are unhealthy for us.

Saturated fats, including animal fats and tropical oils
Raw milk products

Here are general dietary issues or choices which we are told are either good or bad.

Low fat diet - supposedly good
High cholesterol, both dietary and as blood concentrations - supposedly bad
Vegetarian diet - supposedly good

And things which are supposedly harmless.

Chemical pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, etc.
Depleted soils
Food irradiation
Artificial sweeteners
Food processing

I'm sure I'll come up with more as I get going. That's just what comes immediately to mind.

Are you ready??

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Feed Yourself Well.


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