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Say No to GMO's

If you are 'new' to the genetically modified food conversation and want to know what GMO's are, go to my February, 2011 posting. With the prominence of the GMO issue in today's American food culture, GMO activist and information sites are proliferating. Yes! Awareness is one step on the road to change. A web search will provide access to volumes of information. So I'm not going to discuss the basics further today.

Feeding Study - Genetically Modified Foods

GMO's have been inadequately studied, and certainly have not been proven to be safe. In fact, many studies indicate that GMO's are actively dangerous. A feeding study was recently completed in France, showing horrendous cancerous development in the poor animals who were fed GMO corn.

Here is a link to a video about the research.

This is the research paper.

Labeling - We Have a Right to Know!

We have a right to know what is in our food! All over the world, people are expressing concern about the presence of genetically modified ingredients. At the very least, the safety of these ingredients has not been proven.

GMO's are banned in some countries, and labeling of their presence in foods is required by many more, including the European Union. I'm not certain of the numbers, but 50 is frequently quoted as the number of countries. The exclusion of the United States and Canada from these lists is yet another indication of the influence exerted over the U.S. government by corporate giants.

California Ballot Initiative - Proposition 37

In just a few weeks, California will vote on Proposition 37, a Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative. When this passes into law, it would be ridiculous to label foods to be sold in California separately. So when California approves labeling, the whole country benefits. And we hope that Canada will see the light too.

If you live in California, VOTE! If you know someone who lives in California, educate them and tell them to vote.

The Organic Consumers Association is one group which is organizing the campaign in California to educate voters and the general public. I encourage you to support this organization.

Corporate interests are spending big bucks to fight Prop 37. Because even bigger bucks are at stake for them, if labeling requirements are passed. When the presence of GMO's is labeled, people won't buy products containing them, and the demand for genetically modified crops will dry up. Biotechnology companies would then lose the huge revenues they rake in selling GM seeds and the chemical herbicides and pesticides that are required to cultivate these crops.

Genetic Engineering is About Control of Food, and Control of People!

We still have our rights! Say NO to GMO's!

Petition Congress
Here is a link to an online petition to Congress asking for labeling of GMO's.

Washington State Legislative Bills

Last year, we had labeling bills before both houses of the Washington State Legislature. I attended the Senate and House public hearings, along with huge crowds of interested people.

Despite the public interest, the labeling bills were not voted on.

Bills will be introduced again in the upcoming legislative session. I will be in contact with the Chairs of the Senate and House Agriculture committees about giving them educational presentations about genetically modified foods, so they can be better informed.

Presentations About Genetically Modified Foods

I've been giving educational presentations about GMO's for close to two years. My audiences enjoy the experience and learn a lot.

I'm available in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State to give slide presentations about GMO's. For the most part, I am in the B.C. Okanagan, and in the areas around Olympia, Seattle, and Okanogan Valley in Washington. If you are expecting a sizable group, I'm open to the possibility of traveling a bit farther. Contact me at if you are interested in scheduling.

In September, I gave a talk in Yelm, Washington that was more advanced than my general presentation. This group wanted information about the science behind genetic engineering. We were fortunate to have Andrew and Lisa of New Leaf Media Group in attendance to professionally record it on video. They did a fabulous job, and it is now available on YouTube! Wow. Thanks Andrew and Lisa.

Here's a link to the Understanding the Science of Genetically Modified Foods video.

Here's to Your Health, and to Health Supporting Food!!

You are a Miracle!

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We should all support each other against this hazardous GMO use. We all have the right to know what we are eating. We should all support "Say No to GMO's". Research on GMO foods proved Gene VI, a new viral DNA in GMO foods causing food contamination. Here I have found out some shocking facts about GMO corn risks & problems with GMO foods.